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Rosemary Baker

Hello I am Rosemary Baker and I am a Certified Professional Healer and a Ritual Master in training with the Modern Mystery School International in the 3,000+ year-old unbroken lineage of King Salomon. I am here to shine LIGHT, offer tools that EMPOWER, and radiate JOY to clients that compassionately supports them to embrace their healing cycles, to grow, to change, to become and embody the elevated and expanded being they've always envisioned.


This life and this time on the planet is truly about

LIVING YOUR MISSION. Each and everyone of us.


I found the Modern Mystery School after years of challenge with depression, marijuana and alcohol use, co-dependency, lack of self worth, and finally a wake up call that inspired me to finally seek spiritual work as my path to heal and overcome the fear of living a life unfulfilled. The many keys of this work lead to extraordinary self-discovery and in ways truly unique to secular or new age pathways. As a result of this work I have found my way into significant states of wholeness and sovereignty. I am at peace. I am in joy.

I hold a Masters degree in Environmental Horticulture and Restoration Ecology from the University of Washington and spent 18 years of my life devoted to sustainability and 

environmental stewardship. Today I hold a deeper understanding of the meaning of RESTORATION and how we will get there. To restore. To renew. To make whole again. To bring balance. From where I now view the world, the path to environmental and social justice, to wholeness and balance on the planet is about us. It’s about all of us. We are the keys to balance. It is my mission to serve others to RESTORE THE HUMAN SOUL and CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH FROM WITHIN so we can all be at peace in the world.  



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