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The human soul can be measured.  It weighs 21 grams and has size/mass.  The soul's function is to connect the Spirit into the body.

Soul retrieval is a method for healing that has been performed by shamans since ancient times. The concept of Soul Retrieval is significant within all shamanism traditions and was often performed on the elderly or post-illness/post-surgical operation. In the Hermetic tradition, Soul Retrieval work is very gentle and can be done for personal wellness/maintenance as often as every six months.

We have all experienced some type of shock or trauma in our lives. Shocking or frightening events (positive or negative) fragment the soul. Childbirth (for child and mother) is itself a shock or trauma. Surgery is a type of trauma. Soul Retrieval specifically targets and re-integrates soul pieces or fragments back into the physical body - pieces dispersed due to traumas, major illness, car accidents, and other types of shocking events.

Those who feel or appear lost, not fully present or disconnected to reality, whose soul-aspects appear dampened and dim or who may experience on-going reflections and sensitivities to unresolved traumas will benefit from Soul Retrieval work.

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