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The Max Meditation™ System 

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Quiet Your Mind, Find Your Center

Max Meditation System is a whole-cycle method for deep relaxation and meditation created by Dr. Gudni Gudnason, founder of The Modern Mystery School.


This meditation style combines neurolinguistic programming, psychology, physical relaxation, passive and active meditation forms, as well as visualization and cool down offering an easy method for beginners to get into deeper brainwave states or assisting experienced meditators to go deep and stay there longer.  This method provides effective techniques to advance and create a consistent meditation practice that works, particularly for busy, working, and full western minds and bodies. 

Some of the many benefits of this meditation include:

  • Less stress and tension in the body;

  • Significantly more bandwidth with a clearer and more quiet mind;

  • Increased creative energy and vitality;

  • Feeling at peace, centered, and rejuvenated;

  • An experience of your empowered abilities to transmute negative emotion and the creative powers of your inner world.​

Contact Rosemary directly about opportunities to receive training in the Max Meditation System
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