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The DNA Life Activation Session Packages

Turning On the Lights of Your Purpose
Life Activation and Personal Clearing

The Life Activation is an energy-based infusion of pure light directly into the spiritual and physical DNA.  It activates the Divine Blueprint of who we truly are as humans.  It turns on the lights.  We see more, we realize more, we have more interest and energy to take new, healthy steps in our life, to address unresolved issues/habits, and move towards our purpose.  Session includes full energy body balancing and removal of undesirable energies - a re-set of what is actually yours with a personal clearing.

Life Activation ($195) + Personal Clearing ($100) = $295 (1.5-2-hr single session)

Life Activation, Aura Repair, and Personal Clearing Package

This package adds a session for additional healing to repair damage to the aura from life's traumas, negative encounters or energies, and substance use.  A healthy aura is essential for living a vibrant, abundant life and holding light.  Highly recommended for those receiving a life activation for the very first time. 


Life Activation ($195) + Personal Clearing ($100) + Aura Repair ($100) = $395 (2 separate sessions)

Life Activation, Aura Healing, Personal Clearing + Full Spirit Activation Package

For those ready to advance and awaken their senses and their unique psychic gifts the Full Spirit Activation will support you to progress.


Life Activation ($195) + Personal Clearing ($100) + Aura Repair ($100) + Full Spirit Activation ($195) = $590 (3 individual sessions)

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