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Advanced Energy Healing

Ensofic Ray™ Full Healing Modality

and Ensofic Ray™ Reiki


For New Ensofic Ray Clients

I begin Ensofic Ray treatment with an in-take process including filling out and submitting the below in-take form as well as a 30 minute phone call or in-person consultation prior to a session to discuss your specific situation and healing goals.

Single Ensofic Ray Session + Negative Energy Removal package   $325 (2 hrs) (in-person or distance)

Follow-up single Ensofic Ray Sessions - $225 (1.25 hrs)

  • Ensofic reiki for targeted physical healing

  • Ensofic reiki negative habit or negative thought/emotional/pattern release

  • Full-spectrum Ensofic Ray session

3-part Full Ensofic Ray Healing Modality + Negative Energy Removal package – $700 (3 x ~1.25 hr sessions) (2 in-person sessions +1 optional distance or in-person)


The 3 session modality is for those suffering from significant illness, injury, or imbalance in any form.  In combination with the personal clearing (highly recommended) this modality is helpful to those manifesting:

  • illness or imbalance in the physical or mental/emotion bodies

  • brain/nervous system imbalances

  • those with current or recent illness or injury

  • those with compromised immunity or post-op procedures

Pre-requisites: Negative Energy Removal prior to first treatment or as needed; Life Activation highly recommended 

Ensofic Ray Full Healing Modality + Life Activation package - additional pricing discount/please ask

Ensofic Ray Group Healing/Relaxation events – $40 cash/$30 with pre-registration

Soul Retrieval

afterglow-backlit-beautiful-556666 copy.

For New Soul Retrieval clients

I ask that new clients for Soul Retrieval session work provide at least basic information about their history and healing goals and to chat by phone prior to scheduling a session so I have a clearer sense of the state of their system and whether they may need a combination of things to address their goals.


Specific details of past traumas are not necessarily needed for this healing work to occur. Should you wish to discuss or provide them on the in-take form all information will be kept strictly private. 

Hermetic Soul Retrieval session - $250 per session (anywhere from 1.5-3 hrs) (in-person)


Note that this is a 3-session modality; however, some clients may only need 1 to achieve their desired healing goals.

Hermetic Soul Retrieval + Negative Energy Removal package - $340


Pre-requisites (none): Life Activation highly recommended 


Soul Retrieval work in the Lineage of King Salomon's Hermetic tradition is a powerful yet very gentle method for re-integrating fragments of the soul through the nervous system that disperse or get "lost" due to early or adult physical/mental/emotional traumas, shocks, illnesses, or accidents.


Everyone has experienced something traumatic or shocking to their systems and everyone benefits from Soul Retrieval work.


Trauma healing does not need to be about re-living.  Feeling alive, present, joy-filled, unified and whole can be achieved gently and effectively with Soul Retrieval work.  Often Soul Retrieval session work in combination with other clearing, healing, or activation work may have the most benefit.  You are welcome to reach out for a private consultation about your situation and desires or goals. 

Spark of Life Distance Healing


For New Spark of Life Clients

This is a strictly distance session. I do not require an in-person consultation or new client in-take form be filled out and submitted; however, I do ask for a 15-30 minute phone/message/text consultation to discuss your healing or empowering goals, what areas of your body you may have challenge with, the particulars of how you will set up to receive the energy, and ultimately to discuss whether this is the session that is right for you or if perhaps a combination or another type of session work may be even more appropriate to address your goals.

Scheduling distance sessions like the Spark of Life can best be set up for everyone's benefit and most ease to your rhythms during an actual phone consult.

Spark of Life Distance Healing Session - $250 (1-1.5 hrs) (distance)

This distance session works with the Ensofic Ray energy - the purest, most potent source energy available to us.  It brings high-frequency light to areas of the physical body that need nourishment, balance, energy, or re-vitalization.  It penetrates and gravitates to all areas in need of light with the assistance of the practitioner.


During clients may feel energy in the form of warmth/heat or tingles in their spine and legs as the energy begins to enter and disperse. Afterwards or the next upon waking clients feel rejuvenated, pepped, eager, and joyful to take on life!

As with any healing work, particularly light work, I recommend combining it with a negative energy removal or shamanic aura clearing for maximum receptivity to the energy.  When the filter is cleared and more open, we more easily receive and hold light in our physical and energy bodies.


This session can also be performed singly for a client in any part of the world and in any coordinated timezone so long as there has been a way to coordinate by message/text/Skype/or phone.  For more general information about Ensofic Ray follow the link below.

Shamanic Aura Clearing

shell and sage.jpg

For New Energy Clearing Clients

These sessions alone can be helpful and powerful maintenance.


To receive the fullest benefit of a negative energy clearing follow-up with a packaged session that not only removes dark but brings LIGHT into your energy bodies. The Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Spark of Life, Ensofic Ray or other healing session are highly recommended.

Shamanic Aura Clearing session - $125 (single clearing session) (~30-45 min) (in-person)


Shamanic Aura Clearing + any healing or activation session package - $100

The tribes of the earth throughout human history had powerful shamanic practices for clearing and purification.  The Shamanic Aura Clearing neutralizes negative energies throughout the physical body and chakra system for clearing and releasing unhealthy energ from the mother earth-based, low magick frequencies.   

Emotional Release and Negative Energy Removal


For New Energy Clearing Clients

These sessions alone can be helpful and powerful maintenance.


To receive the fullest benefit of a negative energy clearing follow-up with a packaged session that not only removes dark but brings LIGHT into your energy bodies. The Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Spark of Life, Ensofic Ray or other healing session are highly recommended.

Negative Energy Removal session - $150 (single clearing session) (~30 min) (in-person)


Negative Energy Removal + any healing or activation session package - $100

The Emotional Release and Negative Energy Removal is a multi-step personal clearing in the aura utilizing high-frequency magick and esoteric Buddhism tools that clears off energies that bog us down, clog our perceptive or receptive filters, and releases and transmutes old or present emotional attachments from romantic partners, colleagues, friends, or family that may be overly intense or negative. 


Sometimes the anxieties, worries, or dramas we are living are not our energy but someone else's that we are holding unconsciously. This personal clearing re-sets your energetic boundaries so you feel lighter, clearer, more present and at ease knowing what is yours and what is not. Even if we haven't had what we consider overly negative emotional interactions, we may be more "numbed" than we realize due to energetic build-up. This clearing removes old residues and unsupportive energies allowing more light, more love, more clarity and sensation to penetrate the body.    

Egyptian Aura Healing and Balancing

d6bb88df28ff0d7db782e79d2518deca (1).jpg

For New Aura Healing Clients

I do not require a client in-take form for this session alone; however, you are welcome to fill one out and submit it so I may inquire and help assess your present health and healing goals during an initial consultation in-person or by phone.  


Because I highly recommend Life Activation prior to this session and I can address specific aura issues in a different session that pairs with Life Activation, initial consultation will ensure what is best for your present situation.

Egyptian Aura Healing and Balancing - $225 (1-1.5 hr) (in-person)

Egyptian Aura Healing and Balancing + Shamanic Aura Clearing or Negative Energy Removal - $325 (1.5-2 hr) (in-person)

Pre-requisite (None) - Life Activation highly recommended

Smooth and center your energy with this unique Egyptian-lineage session.  In this ceremonial healing rite the powers of the foundational sacred geometries (the 3 keys to heaven), the calling upon of the Egyptian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, the powers of vibrational sound and an integration of high and low-frequency magicks balance is restored to the first 7 layers of the human aura which correspond to the chakra system and key levels or aspects of the Self (Spriit, Thought, Soul, Astral, Planning, Dreaming, and Action)  – our multi-dimensional being all-in-one. 


This session balances and heals auric energies related to the mind, emotion, and physical body while awakening us to the foundation of who and what we truly are – eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Benefits of this session include:

  • Mental/emotional stabilization

  • Additional support during significant personal or spiritual work or times of stress

  • Creating balance which moves blocks of energy, allowing greater ease and more abundance to flow

  • Experiencing the secondary effects of a more stabilized foundation including greater clarity and released energy for taking action around desired changes or goals

New Client In-Take Form

11th-Codon Life Purpose Reading

action-astronomy-constellation-1274260 c

For New Life Purpose Reading Clients

Life Activation is required prior to this session; therefore, you will have already filled out an in-take form and no additional form is needed.  If it has been sometime since your last life activation or other session with me, a new form submittal with at least basic info you think is relevant for me to know is appreciated.  I may ask for additional info from you or a new form upon scheduling this depending on the situation.

Regardless, we will consult just prior to this session to ensure you are healthy and well and ready for important and potentially impactful information.

New Client In-take Form

Life Purpose Reading - $175 (30-minutes) (in-person)

Pre-requisite: DNA Life Activation

Life Purpose Reading + DNA Life Activation packages - pricing is $150 plus whichever Life Activation package you chose.

Unlike channeling or subjective interpretation through the use of cards or symbolic talismans this is a real, direct reading accessing your etheric structure and your spiritual DNA. As a clear, objective vessel of light and information, insight is flown to you on numerous aspects of your true nature and essence (Spirit, Soul, and Body) and which relate directly to your life purpose in this physical lifetime.

Note that not all information is ready to be accessed or read; however, this reading can access information on emanations or your lineage/lives prior this one, your mind's gifts and how they work, your spiritual and relationship contracts, as well as information important in your parent's and your physical DNA.

This is a very holy process and is conducted with purest intent to help you better understand life purpose, mission, or direction in a way that is empowering, illuminating, and can be very healing. 


Crystal Healing, Crystal Rites, and Crystal Reading

_MG_5179-2 copy.jpg

For New Crystal Healing Clients

I do not require a new in-take form but do expect ~15 minutes discussion during initial consultation and scheduling to ensure this is what will best support your healing goals. It may be time with the crystals is what you need or it may be best working with more powerful energy clearing and healing tools like the negative energy removal, Ensofic Ray, or even a Life Activation that can actually address your healing, wellness, or stress-relief goals.

New Client In-take Form

Advanced Crystal Healing Therapy - $50 (30 minutes) or $75 (1 hr) (in-person)

Crystal Magick Rites for Healing - $45

Twin Crystal Reading/Accessing the Akashic Records for past or future information - $45

Crystal Healing/Rites/Reading Combo package -

$120 (1 hr total session)

$150 (1.5 total session)

A 30-minute Crystal Healing may be added in combination as a soothing aftercare or reintegration from Soul Retrieval, Ensofic Ray, Egyptian Aura Healing and Balancing, or even a Shamanic Aura Clearing or Negative Energy Removal.  Ask me about package pricing. 

From this ancient mystery school tradition came the knowledge and a potent method for healing and divination work with crystals.  What sets these methods apart from other crystal healings is its basis in metaphysics and ritual magick in synergy with the innate healing power of crystals.


These crystal healings are helpful when you could use a pick-up in your energy, a way to gently de-stress, recover from a cold/flu, re-set and re-harmonize your internal clock or your relationship to time and space, a nourishing of any part of your physical/mental/emotional bodies, a boost in your feelings of empowerment and manifesting energy, and more…


If you are drawn to crystals at shows, shops, and find them allies either worn on your body or your at home/office, this lineage of crystal therapy and magick will be a natural fit for you.

Crystal Grids for Home/Office Protection and Elevated Energies

quartz grid prep.jpg

Special Note for Clients Interested in Crystal Gridding

Ultimately, before investing in crystal grids for your home I far and away encourage receiving the knowledge, keys, and the energetic boundaries/protection tools that come with the 2-day Empower Thyself class and first-step initiation in the Modern Mystery School tradition.

We are both at effect and effected by the energies in our bodies as well as our spaces.  The work you and I do de-clutters, de-numbs, and brings your energy flows and auric structures into alignment and aliveness - you may feel and sense a little or a lot more.   


Clients who have received activation/healing sessions, who wish to undergo a deep healing cycle may want to consider having their home gridded.  Clients who are healing arts, health, and wellness practitioners themselves, should absolutely consider installing crystal grids where they work and live. 

With knowledge and special energetic technique from the Mystery School lineage crystal grids hold real, vibrant temple energies, that also provide better energetic boundaries and protection. These particular crystal grids were used by the priests and priestesses of ancient times to hold real, vibrant temple energies that allowed all those in it to receive, hold, and create more high-frequency light for their lives.

Some of the best reasons for installing crystal grids are:

  • You are moving into a new home

  • You live in highly urban and mixed-use settings or there is significant construction next door or in the neighborhood;

  • You’re in the midst of decluttering efforts, lots of memories, dust, energies and things have gotten stirred up and you’re just ready to revamp it all;

  • If you are particularly sensitive to energies and desire more sanctuary and buffering around your home;

  • You’re a healer, practitioner, or business-owner working from home and could benefit from elevated energetics and better boundaries (between professional and personal spaces) for the benefit of your clients and patients, your practice and your abundance flows.

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