What is Mystery School Initiation?

For thousands of years on the planet tribes practiced "rights-of-passage" also known as initiations at various stages of life.  For at least 3,000 years the ancient Mystery School lineages around the world taught hidden keys to progressive and sustainable self mastery and actualization through initiatory paths. This ancient 

Mystery School is the Hermetic lineage of King Salomon. Many of the greatest philosophers, scientists, leaders, inventors, and artists of human history such as Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Joan of Arc, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, Eckart Tolle, Isreal Regardie, and David Bowie were initiates of this same Mystery School lineage.

Initiation means: to begin a sacred process. Mystery School initiation is the beginning of an extraordinary hero and heroine's journey. As initiates we join the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and work towards living and fulfilling our life purpose. Initiation makes available an entire School of higher knowledge and advanced spiritual training in the unbroken Lineage of King Salomon now administered by the Modern Mystery School International.


The first step is the Empower Thyself 2-Day Class and Initiation

Some of the teachings from the 2-Day Empower Thyself Class include:

• What it means to be a human being in this Universe
• An alternate history of humanity according to the oral tradition
• Human energetic and spiritual anatomy
• How we work with creative energy
• The structure of the mind
• How to change our mental process to create more of what we are looking for 
• Establishing relationships with the many beings who can be accessed by initiates for support and healing
• Sanctuary Meditation technique to access your Higher Self
• Ancient rituals that protect your mind, body, and spirit


The Modern Mystery School Path - Living Your Mission


Initiates on this path ask themselves "What is my Mission?" or "How can I truly help others and create positive change in this world?"  First though, we serve ourselves, we heal, we learn, we change, we become more so we can truly and sustainably serve others.  The time-tested keys, tools, sessions, and initiations of this path EMPOWER us to overcome all blockages to our knowing who we are, what our life's mission is, and taking the necessary actions to live life from a container of extradorinay knowledge and experience.

The Modern Mystery School is a global community of light workers, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and change-makers in over 50 countries.  The School is the modern-day form of the 3,000+ year-old, unbroken oral tradition of spiritual training and progression in the royal lineage of King Salomon.  Once a closed Mystery School, it is now open and accessible to anyone who wants to begin taking steps along the path of the initiate.