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The Art and Science of Ancient Crystal Grids


This technique for creating sacred space combines a knowledge of sacred geometries, the mystery school tradition for installation, and the light and life force-holding capacity of clear quartz crystals.  The art and science of this method is used effectively today to revitalize, renew, and strengthen the energetic boundaries of homes and gardens while also continuing to resonate a very high vibration that assists people in maintaining clean energetics, manifesting growth and prosperity, optimizing health and wellness, and much more.  


Special Note:
Rates depend upon the particulars of your home/size and shape of area/number of indoor rooms to be gridded, etc. Estimates available upon request for $100 (which can be applied to the installation)

Typically a 3-day Process

Day 1: Consultation Meeting for Understanding Needs and Generating Estimates – $100 non-refundable consult/estimate fee; NOTE: This fee can be applied to this service if you decide to move forward;
Day 2: Prepping rooms/areas for gridding; and
Day 3: Energy clean-up, installing grids, setting energies, and finishing touches.

For any home determined to require additional energy clearing during or prior to the consultation (not just energy clean-up), this would occur prior to installing crystal grids, and I work with a Guide and Ritual Master who does advanced energy clearing.

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