Certified Spiritual Guide & Lineage Metaphysical Teacher
Certified Professional Energy Healer
Certified Life Activation Practitioner
Certified Ensofic Ray™ Reiki Practitioner
Max Meditation System™ Teacher

Trained in the Lineage of King Salomon and Certified by Modern Mystery School, Int.
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Heal. Grow.
Live Inspired by Your Mission.

Rosemary Baker

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Rosemary is a Modern Mystery School Guide, Teacher, and professional Energy Healer. She supports clients to have access to more Light through real, practical tools, teachings, and sessions. Light that births new empowerment, insights, perspectives, access to higher consciousness, as well as breakthrough from stagnancy and stuck patterns. As a Mystery School Guide and Teacher, Rosemary leads people through awakening and growth in order to be able to overcome perceived limits or obstacles and to fulfill their purpose in life through the path of "KNOW THYSELF".


As a Consulting Herbalist and Whole-Systems Health Coach, Rosemary also supports clients to acquire and maintain new levels of physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health, and to discover and navigate their unique formula for self-care and self-nurture. Keys that are essential foundation to actualizing our business or creative goals, dreams, and personal desires.


We are all meant to LIVE VITAL, VIBRANT, AND PASSIONATE lives within the truth and magick of who we are. You are here to become a powerful participant in the Global Shift into New Paradigm. Let's Light Your Way forward! 

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"I received a Full Spirit Activation from Rosemary.  What a gifted practitioner she is!  Her energy is so soft and gentle that I felt held and supported through our entire session.  The activation was just what I needed to take me to the next level.  If you are looking move to the next phase of your life I highly recommend this session with Rosemary along with all of her other offerings!"

—  Deb Regan, Chicago, Il

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Seeking a way to break-through challenge, stuck or old patterning, mental-emotional-physical illness, to live alive and in true joy?

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