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Rosemary Baker

My mission is to EMPOWER everyone to live their unique purpose in this lifetime. That which brings them real, authentic joy.  A result of compassionately and courageously healing at the very core. A result of awakening. Of coming to know and love themselves very deeply. We all meant to LIVE PASSIONATELY INSPIRED AND ALIGNED with the truth of the magick of who we are and to become resilient and powerful participants in the Global Shift into New Paradigm.


Rosemary is a Certified Guide, Professional Energy Healer, and Lightworker in the ancient Mystery School tradition. These tools EMPOWER EVERYONE to move through and become liberated from physical, mental, and emotional illness and to build a life of liberation and joy!  


Rosemary facilitates clients to access their truest and purest energies and weave the resources needed to create a unique formula for personal progression.  Progression in health and healing, higher consciousness, inner-strength, self-sovereignty, abundance, personal clarity, authentic life purpose, and living life inspired and fulfilled through self-discovery on the path of "KNOW THYSELF".


These lineage tools and traditional spiritual path transform us through real, ancient-lineage alchemy. This is the path of KNOW THYSELF. We are meant to LIVE PASSIONATELY INSPIRED AND ALIGNED with the truth and magick of who we are. You are here to become a resilient, powerful participant in the Global Shift into New Paradigm. Let's Light Your Way forward! 

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Areas of Advanced Healing and Spiritual Training

Certified Guide
Certified Professional Healer
Certified Life Activation Practitioner
Certified Ensofic Ray™ Reiki Practitioner
Max Meditation System™ Teacher
Trained in the Lineage of King Salomon and Certified by Modern Mystery School, International

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"I received a Full Spirit Activation from Rosemary.  What a gifted practitioner she is!  Her energy is so soft and gentle that I felt held and supported through our entire session.  The activation was just what I needed to take me to the next level.  If you are looking move to the next phase of your life I highly recommend this session with Rosemary along with all of her other offerings!"

—  Deb Regan, Chicago, Il

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